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Player Information
Name/Alias: Phoenix
Your Journal: [personal profile] lostangelssong
Age: I'm a grownup. Well over 16.
Contact Information:
AIM: Lostangelssong
[ profile] lostangelssong
Characters already in the game: N/A

Character Information
Character Journal: [personal profile] cutejustice
Character Name: Maya Fey. Mystic Maya if it's her family
Character Canon: Ace Attorney Video game series
Age: 19
Race: Human
Timeline Pull Point: About two weeks after the third game in the series, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.

Canon History: Wiki Entry

CRAU History: N/A

Personality: Maya is a perky, cheerful sidekick who helps Phoenix with cases during the first several years of his career. Maya is excitable, outgoing, impulsive, and curious. She is also stubborn and persistent, and has a tendency to protect and look out for those she cares about. She also has a bad habit of picking Phoenix's clients for him, generally without asking Phoenix about it first.

Phoenix became like a big brother figure to Maya after her older sister, Mia, was killed. She is his assistant on cases, and the two are very close. He saved her when she was kidnapped, which was a scary time. He also saved her when an attempt on her life was made by the angry ghost of his ex-girlfriend. She got out of it all right though, which is the important part.

Maya is the heir to the Kurain school of channeling techniques and the next in line to be the Master. She's not the greatest spirit medium, and while she's never really shown or stated that she doesn't want to become the Master, she seems to be more interested in eating burgers and being Phoenix's assistant when you come right down to it. In fact, it's her position as the future Master which has caused contention within her family.

Maya was raised by her Aunt Morgan after her own mother disappeared when Maya was 2. Her Aunt Morgan more or less raised Mia and Maya as well as her own children. Maya's relationship with Morgan is complicated, especially after her Aunt framed her for murder. But you can't turn caring about someone on and off like a switch, so she does still care about her aunt. She cares even more about her Aunt's youngest daughter, Pearl, and views her like the little sister. When Maya's mother appeared briefly back in her life again, and then was killed, Maya appeared positive and put up a cheerful front. This was strange as Maya had just had a brutal attack made on her life as well. When asked about this, it came out that she was trying to be strong for Pearl.

Maya's cheerfulness doesn't really waver and she stays pretty true to "type" throughout what we see of her in the series. She is cheerful, and friendly, and brings a certain kind of energy to the offices of Wright and Co. She can cheer Phoenix up pretty quickly, which she does at numerous times throughout the series. She loves food, particularly burgers, ramen, and sweets. She is close with her family and friends, and often puts them and their happiness before her own (especially when Pearl is concerned). Maya also loves the Steel Samurai series, and all of its spinoffs. This includes Pink Princess, which Maya is actually the basis for.

Powers/Abilities: Maya is a spirit medium, and the heir to the Kurain school of channeling technique. She's not the best spirit medium ever, but she can channel spirits. She can also see and talk to ghosts as an extension. Maya also can see auras through the use of her Magatama. She can tell if a person is lying this way. She can't compel the truth out of a person, but she can see how deeply buried a person's secrets are, and can then start figuring out how to go about getting them to reveal them.

Also, the women of the Fey family can (and do) haunt the living, generally by possessing other spirit mediums of the Fey Family. (For example, Maya's older sister Mia has possessed Maya on occasion to help Phoenix out with court cases.) Maya could probably do this as well if she were to be killed, if there was another spirit medium, or person with compatible power set around.

Spirit channeling causes a lot of energy drain. Maya can eat a lot for her size. She often talks about how she has a second stomach for burgers, ramen, sweets, you name it. (She probably has about 12 stomachs altogether to hear her tell it.) As such, Maya has a huge metabolism. It's unknown if she can't channel if she doesn't have the energy reserves, but it is fair to say that after channeling, there will be a massive food binge happening. Also, the problem with ghosts is that they don't really go away. So sometimes, you can see them at inopportune times, even if you don't end up channeling them.

Being Phoenix Wright's assistant for several years, Maya also has some basic knowledge about law and legal procedures. She's never gone to law school, and she didn't really plan on it. But between her older sister and Phoenix, she knows enough to get by if she had to.

Inventory: Maya would be coming in with the clothes on her back, which would be a Kurain channeling outfit that acolytes wear. She would also have her magatama, which lets her see if people are lying or not. (She previously had given it to Phoenix, but as he is going to be a hobo soon, it's not like he's going to need it.) Maya would also probably have an older model cell phone on her, since she and technology are not really on the best of terms. (Kurain is basically a monastery town.)

Writing Samples

First Person Sample:

[The video clicks on. She's staring in goggle-eyed amazement at everything before she realizes that the comm is even on.]

Oh. Oh! Have you guys seen this place? It's amazing! There's jets, and robots and everything and they can all talk! And everyone's so huge!

[Technology was hard, okay? She had trouble working her cell phone half the time, and there were robots that could turn into stuff! That was awesome!]

This whole place is even more amazing than an episode of Steel Samurai!

[And then there's a pause. Because she thinks of something.]

There aren't any ghosts around, are there? Or crazy murder cases or anything like that? No one's seen anything nuts like that, have they?

[Because if giant robots who could turn into jets and stuff killed other giant robots... that would be a huge headache. And she wasn't sure she wanted to find out if she could channel the ghosts of robots.]

Third Person Sample:

The phone rang. Maya clicked it onto vibrate almost viciously. She sighed, trying to recenter herself. Focus. Let all thoughts leave your mind, she recited mentally. Meditation was essential for spirit medium training. She had almost achieved that mental quiet she was looking for, when her stomach growled. You know what would be great? Burgers! I wonder if we have anything in town to even make them...

Maya groaned and flopped backwards on the mat in her house. "Ugh! This is awful! How am I supposed to meditate with a million distractions like this?! Why did I even come home anyway? It's not like I even want to be the Master and--"

Maya stopped, eyes wide. She sat up slowly, considering that. It was true that she didn't want to be the Master, but that was the first time she'd actually admitted it. She honestly wasn't sure what she would want to do, but it would probably involve helping Nick out with cases, maybe even becoming a real lawyer like her sister. Heck, Maya would be the first to admit that she wasn't the best spirit medium. Maybe she should talk to Pearly? After all, her little cousin had more spirit power in her pinky finger than Maya had in her whole body. That was a plan. One she could put into motion... maybe after lunch.

Final Notes: Not that I can think of! ^_~


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